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thatweirdgirlwiththehat said: Hi, legitimate question here: Who do you consider POC? Anyone who is not of completely European descent? What about people, such as Alfonso Cuarón, who some claim "look white" or "don't celebrate heritage"? Just curious. If I'm being offensive, please do correct me, but it's truly just a sincere question about the community.

This is a really great question, and thanks for asking it.

The term “people of color” has been a way of including various ethnicities together to understand the oppression non-white, historically colonized groups have faced historically and do face today.

In the sense, “people of color” has been somewhat commodified by mainstream politics, and colonialism and race as a social construct seem absent. This is a purposeful move to remove radical solidarity. There are also some elements who believe it is primarily about hue, but these elements should be judged as well on the forcefulness with which they speak against anti-Blackness. Being born with dark flesh may make one more subject to oppression, but doesn’t always make one conscious of it, or our solidarity.

It’s important to understand that “people of color” is more than skin tone, although white skin privilege is relevant. Identifying with non-white, historically colonized people is a political decision. Countless revolutionary heroes ‘look’ white. Their political actions in support of freedom made them loved though.

All answers intended sincerely too!

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