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NYC: Black & Queer – Revolutionary Love & Sun Ra Centennial

Scientific Soul Sessions and Movement in Motion
A New Black Arts Movement presents: Black & Queer – Revolutionary Love & Sun Ra Centennial
Sunday, May 18, 2014 @ 4PM
$10 admission
Freebrook Academy – 375 Stuyvesant Ave

The New Black Arts Movement is painting a new aesthetic, one in which we liberate ourselves from our oppressors. The liberation of our revolutionary love will commence as we celebrate the sanctity of food, arts, politics, and community.

The New Black Arts Movement acknowledges that all love is revolutionary, and we prefigure a new society in which all love is celebrated and accepted. We imagine a world in which heteronormative, monogamous love and the nuclear family model are not the social norm, and we celebrate freedom, love, equality, and justice. We are matriarchal, eco-socialist, and majority oppressed nationality and identity. The New Black Arts Movement presents an afternoon of food, politics, arts, and genderqueer clothing swap. 

The New Black Arts Movement May 2014 cultural event celebrates the centennial of legendary composer, poet, afrofuturist and cosmic philosopher Sun Ra. Sun Ra’s black identity, ecosocialism, and revolutionary art and politics will live forever!

Be sure to bring your gently used clothing for an all-gender clothing swap - we are prefiguring our very own pop-up thrift store!

Join us afterward for a dance party - deejay SSS spirit soul child now taking requests!

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